Silvio De Ponte


Carugate MI


300 m2

The Olea project is a journey through the soul, senses, and Mediterranean sensuality. It takes its name from the ancient and long-lived plant of the olive tree family, found in the Mediterranean and particularly in southern Puglia. Silvio De Ponte, the creator of this project, studied the plant’s global identity, from its space to the coordinated image, logo, and packaging. Olea’s project brings a wish and hope for an elixir of long life and good health, reminding us of the beauty and meaning of this ancient and eternal plant, which is a metaphor for the essence of a Mediterranean man – an ancient and long-lived man.

Silvio De Ponte designed the wellness centre, which was created by Aquaspecial, and has roots in the history and characteristics of its place of origin. It is a combination of a space for meditation, relaxation, and care of the body and mind, with warm, natural, and sustainable materials, all linked to the land of the setting, Salento. The project tells a story of landscape and matter, evoking naturalness, simplicity, and a precise and typically Mediterranean perception of the environment.