In function and design

Refinement, uniqueness, quality, study. Wellness as a starting point. We offer a special selection of modules that can be adapted to your needs and wishes.

Our products are designed to be installed quickly

Drawing from our experience in constructing custom projects, we have created a line of
special Free Standing products with four unique options. These products were specifically
developed to overcome the technical and logistical challenges presented by limited space in
most accommodation facilities.

Relax code

Free-standing sauna, steam room and shower elements that can be individually installed or joined together and adjusted to your spaces by our designers.

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Hubiquo transforms the mobile structure’s sector, by creating a prefab module with the same feeling as the traditional masonry houses. Through an automotive-style line production, we build versatile products for every need, context and climate.

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RESTORE is a sauna, steam room, and shower designed by Simone Micheli, a prominent figure in Italian architecture and design. It is made-to-order and comes with a unique serial number.

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A design that communicates elegance, minimalism, and practicality through quality materials, simple lines, and versatile usage as both built-in and free-standing, conveying an image of well-being in its surroundings.

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