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Designing and implementing your idea of wellness since 1998.

Aquaspecial has been a prominent player in the wellness industry for more than 25 years, with custom-made projects at the heart of its business. From engineering to the design of thermohydraulic systems, through to construction and maintenance, every aspect contributes to its identity. External architecture studios are brought in to create unique wellness centers that combine elegance and contemporary design to meet customer preferences.

Over the years, Aquaspecial has developed precise skills and strong partnerships that enhance customer loyalty by blending technical expertise with sensory elements.

Designing wellness means careful attention to detail.
Aquaspecial's portfolio consists of fully customised wellness centres, SPAs, and swimming pools, with a focus on project engineering that blends contemporary architecture and design ideas. Our vision allows us to stay ahead of market trends and provide services that combine effectiveness and aesthetic appeal.

We are inspired by the four elements - water, fire, earth and air - and transform them into forms that create a harmonious flow from body to soul.

Aquaspecial’s Awards

given by Interior Design Magazine – New York, USA

given by Modern Decoration Magazine– Shenzhen, China, for the “Atomic Spa” project of Boscolo Hotels in Milan.

Aquaspecial, What should have been a worksite looked like a fantasy movie set instead.
Aquaspecial designed and constructed the pool, its installations and submerged sculptural elements, as well as the cedar sauna […]

Hotel over 200 rooms. Interior and lighting design project for the Barcelò Milan Hotel.

Given by Interior Design Magazine – New-York, USA, for the ‘B4 Hotel in Milan’ project, now Barcelò Hotel.

When you enter the Boscolo B4 Milano the future immediately turns into the present. As you ascend to the SPA, your sense of awe transforms from a vague idea to […]

For a private pool project in Budapest

In the small town of Csomor near Budapest, a complex project was undertaken that included a pool as one of its features. The space was specifically designed to be […]

#lightingdesign, Venice – italy

#interior, Los Angeles (USA) Dreamy Spa in Sarajevo.

The intriguing and inviting atmosphere embraces the guest allowing for the relaxation of body and mind. The natural elements fade seamlessly into the architecture, creating soft dimensions that blend together.

In addition to projects designed by our own team of architects, Aquaspecial has had the honour of bringing international award-winning architects' visions to life.

  • A2 studio Gasparri, Ricci Bitti

  • Andrea Bartalini

  • Marco Casamonti studio Archea

  • Fabio Maria Ceccarelli

  • Silvio De Ponte

  • Maurizio Favetta

  • Francesca Fezzi

  • Elisabetta Frazuoli

  • Marianna Gagliardi

  • Marco Giammetta

  • Massimo Iosaghini

  • Roberto Maci

  • Luciano Messina

  • Simone Micheli

  • Ivana Porfiri

  • Italo Rota

  • Emanuele Svetti

  • Studio G22

  • Studio Teco

  • Elena Zacchiroli

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