A design that communicates elegance, minimalism, and practicality through quality materials, simple lines, and versatile usage as both built-in and free-standing, conveying an image of wellbeing in its surroundings.

Introducing FLEX, our newest patented product that offers a blend of quality, efficiency, and maximum mounting optimisation

FLEX modules are designed to showcase elegance, simplicity, and practicality. The quality materials and clean lines create a sleek look that blends well with any environment, while the option to use them as built-in or free-standing adds versatility. These modules are waterproof and can be leaned against a wall or placed in a niche. The installation process is quick, taking only one-fifth of the time required for traditional Spa modules. Additionally, the floor is equipped with adjustable feet for added convenience.

Modular solution

Free standing

Different sizes available

Installation in 1/5 of the time

Coating materials customisation

Quality-price ratio


Concept Area's layout

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