FZI-Interiors di Francesca Fezzi ed Elisabetta Frazuoli




Gruppo Planetaria


300 m2


Jürgen Eheim

Château Monfort, like many fairytale castles, features a thrilling section in its basement called the Love & Psyche SPA. This area is named after the renowned myth of Apuleius, which emphasises the individual as a comprehensive combination of mind and body.

The hotel environment consists of specific areas, including a 20-square-meter swimming pool with salt water – the only one of its kind in Milan. The pool is quadrangular, soundproofed, and purposely lacks an air bubble system to maintain a peaceful and serene atmosphere. There is also an agora, a spacious and cosy bench resembling a shell, that invites guests to sit back and unwind. Lastly, there is a relaxation room where guests can lie down, sip on infusions or fruity waters, and enjoy some quiet downtime.

At the heart of the SPA, you’ll find the Kneipp path, steam room, and Swedish sauna, which you can alternate with the ice waterfall and emotional showers that feature chromotherapy. Additionally, there are cabins dedicated to facial and body treatments, complete with special rituals, and a luxurious SPA Suite that offers a truly unique space for couples or individuals to enjoy some sweet relaxation.