Simone Micheli


300 m2






Jürgen Eheim

On the highest floor of the i-Suite hotel, located in Rimini and featuring interior architecture designed by Simone Micheli, there is a spa with a stunning view of the sea. We have taken great care in engineering every detail to create what we consider to be the spa of the light. The i-Suite wellness centre offers a range of amenities, including two swimming pools, two saunas, a steam room, water features, treatment cabins, and a panoramic relaxation area. Aquaspecial engineered and built this unique path to well-being with Staron® solid surface walls, creating smooth, fluid curves that evoke the feeling of water. Even the portholes and door frames were made using this solution. Whether you’re lounging in the relaxation area or taking a dip in one of the pools, you’ll always have a breathtaking view of the sea.