Simone Micheli




300 m2


Jürgen Eheim

This 300 m2 SPA is a small yet wonderful place designed by architect Simone Micheli. It’s equipped with every kind of comfort, and the atmosphere is like a dream come true. Micheli’s idea was to create a synesthetic experience that would captivate visitors and offer a multi-sensory oasis of absolute relaxation and beauty. The SPA Duchessa Isabella is a magical and highly hospitable place, perfect for those seeking modern well-being.

This wellness centre is a special place that focuses on comfort and draws inspiration from creative elements like colour, three-dimensional design, and fantasy. Located in a city with a rich history, the main feature of this centre is the slender swimming pool, which runs along the main room’s wall. A sky of metallic mirrored hemispheres covers the pool’s top, while sinuous lilac proboscises allow water to flow into the heated tub equipped with an air bubble system.

The Duchessa Isabella SPA is a contemporary and exceptional venue that inspires a magical feeling through its unconventional design. It uses lights, shapes, and materials to create a multi-sensory experience that aims to connect with people’s emotions. The space is warm and cozy, providing a delightful escape from the ordinary. Its modern eclecticism generates a comfortable yet unique atmosphere.