Simone Micheli


300 m2




Jürgen Eheim

What should have been a worksite looked like a fantasy movie set instead. Aquaspecial designed and constructed the pool, its installations and submerged sculptural elements, as well as the cedar sauna and the StaronR steam room, waterfall and showers and the beautifully crafted furnishings. The project also includes accurately placed emotional lighting, crystal-made walls and a thousand surrounding bubbles. With almost 1500 elements in three different sizes covering up the space, the project’s ethereal sky-like appearance has earned it the name Atomic Spa. Project by Aquaspecial for Boscolo Hotels Exedra @ Milan, design by Simone Micheli.

given by Interior Design Magazine – New York, USA

given by Modern Decoration Magazine – Shenzhen, China, for the “Atomic Spa” project of Boscolo Hotels in Milan.