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Project Description

This spa is a little jewel for everyone’s wellness. An area of about 300 m2, designed by Simone Micheli architect who has enriched a small space with a surreal and surprising concept, by equipping that space with all kinds of comforts in a welcoming and magic atmosphere, as a daydream.
“By designing the SPA Duchessa Isabella” – as Simone Micheli states – “I wanted to create a bundle of synesthetic elements, a multi-sensorial place which is catchy and very hospitable at the same time, in order to gift to the guests an oasis of total relax in the spirit of wellness, beauty and modernity.

Fantasy, colour and three-dimensionality are all creative elements which make up the SPA and have also inspired that precious space dedicated to wellness, inside a city with a really fascinating past”.

The heart of the entire structure is a long-limbed pool that develops along the wall of the main room. It is covered by a sky of metallic half-spheres of mirrors, with slinky lilac trunks from which falls the water in the pool with heated whirlpool.

The Spa Duchessa Isabella is a multi-sensorial place, elegantly contemporary for what concerns lighting, shapes and material, where the enchantment moulds itself to aesthetic solutions away from conventions. An eclectic contemporaneousness that creates an unexpected space, which is warming and closely pleasant.

Design: Simone Micheli
Site: Ferrara
Area: 300 m2
Photos: Jürgen Eheim