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Project Description

This pool is part of a larger and more complex project which has led to the creation of a location for photo and filming session in Csomor, a small village near Budapest.
The building and swimming pool were designed to be used as locations for photo and filming session. Therefore, exposure, position and orientation have conditioned and determined its realization.
Shapes and different levels of pavements allow several angles for the footage, perfectly integrated with the surrounding environment, which permits the cinematographic equipment to move easily.
A structure designed and built in order to be used as scenography of the footage itself.
Every change of level allows to go up or to go down, changing at the same time the level of perception.
On one side of the pool stands up a springboard/sculpture of concrete and crystal, which recalls a high and pure monolith, clear imprint of a design future-oriented.

Design: Marco Giammetta
Cliente: RS production
Luogo: Budapest, Ungary


“Italian Pool Award” in A2017

with project private pool Budapest