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Project Description

Designed by Simone Micheli Architect, Parco Acque is not only the result of an elegant aesthetic research but above all is that of a project path, aimed at creating an atmosphere which could make unique and inimitable the wellness stay.

By entering in Parco Acque you can find the first wellness area, the Emotional Waters, in which the free-flowing and multiforme water is wonderfully brought out by the intense and playful interiors, typical of Simone Micheli.

The playful and enterprising theme, in fact, lies inside every element of this place, which is focused on the celebration of the connection between human and water, turning it into a “symbolic opera”. You can find this kind of atmosphere also in the inner area of Parco Acque, in which whirlpool and Thalassotherapy mean not only wellness of the body but also wellness for the soul.

Design: Simone Micheli
Site: Gubbio, Perugia
Customer: Park Hotel ai Cappuccini
Area: 3.000 m2
Photos: Jürgen Eheim