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Project Description

The new and smart wellness centre Sea SPA invites you to relax under the sunshine, on the balcony surrounded by green pines. There, you can also listen the meditative music while bathing in the heated sea water, which affects in a salutary way your health.

The sea air holds a large number of negative ions which help in balancing the level of the happiness hormone in your body. They also encourage the deep breathing and the proper heart functioning, increase the immune system and improve your concentration; they decrease the trouble sleeping and help with headache and tiredness.

This is the experience that you will have by staying in Portoroz, above all in winter, when the Saline of Strugnano and that of Sicciole promote the concentration of healthy aerosol in the air.

The sea perfume in a new and relaxing environment, which is enveloped by warm shades that softly stroke your soul.

Design: Maurizio Favetta
Site: Portorose
Area: 2500 m2