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Project Description

In the place where more than a yard seemed to be the set of a fantasy movie, Aquaspecial has engineered and built the pool, its equipment and submerged sculptures, Finnish sauna made with cedar wood, steam bath made with Staron®, icefalls, water features, showers, furniture and their lighting, doors, their frames and handles, crystal walls, mirrors, the laying of special mortars and the installation of all the thousand mirror bubbles.
There are just under 1.500 mirror bubbles and in three different sizes in the Atomic Spa: this is the name of the last spa created by Aquaspecial for Boscolo Hotels in Exedra Hotel in Milan designed by Simone Micheli.

Design: Simone Micheli
Site: Milano
Area: 300 m2
Photos: Jürgen Eheim


Award Best of The Year - Beauty, SPA and fitness

given by Interior Design Magazine – New York, USA

“International Media Prize 2010” in “Annual Club Space Award”

given by Modern Decoration Magazine – Shenzhen, China, for the “Atomic Spa” project of Boscolo Hotels in Milan.